September 18, 2019

Electing a Neighborhood Watch Leader

In the process of setting up a neighborhood watch, a point is likely to come where you have to elect a leader for the group. This is, of course, assuming that you have opted to take the route of electing the neighborhood watch leaders – as opposed to simply appointing the leaders.The good thing with leaders of neighborhood watches who are elected (as opposed to those who are simply appointed) is in the fact that the elected leaders tend to enjoy more legitimacy. Furthermore, if you opt to be simply appointing the leaders for the neighborhood watch, a question is likely to arise as to who exactly is to do the appointing: given the fact that all members of a neighborhood watch as supposed to be equal. This state of affairs is what makes it necessary to take the alternative route: that of electing the neighborhood watch leader.

Electing a leader for a neighborhood watch group can turn out to be a complex undertaking. It may actually be more complicated than trying to set up a company on the SunbizFlorida website, which can be accessed (by folks trying to register companies in Florida) at One of the complexities you have to deal with is that of figuring out who is to take part in the election of the neighborhood watch leader. Is it all members of the neighborhood? Or is the right to elect the leader of the neighborhood watch to be confined to the heads of the households that constitute the neighborhood? Or, at yet another level, is the right to participate in this election to be restricted to the people who contribute to the neighborhood watch? If a given person doesn’t contribute to the purchase of the neighborhood watch equipment, what right does he or she have to participate in the election?

In the final analysis, what is important is to ensure that the person elected to be the leader of the neighborhood watch is one who is competent for the role. He also needs to be a person who won’t abuse the power that is likely to be bestowed upon him.